Things we can do from home to prevent global warming Research Paper

Things we can do from home to prevent global warming – Research Paper Example

ost of the countries in the world are dependent on fossil fuels, the way we extract and use it is far greater than what the environment could produce and could cope up with. This imbalance is such a serious concern because it could cause a domino effect that does not only directly affect man, but everything in his ecology. I am talking about Global Warming.

Global warming is the term used to refer to the rise in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. By nature, the earth is being warmed by the radiation from the sun. The earth’s atmosphere acts as a barrier so that only the right amount of heat passes through for the planet to maintain the right temperature for the survival of man and his ecosystem. The atmosphere constitutes of layers of gasses also known as the greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses on its right amount are the earth’s thermal blanket (Maslin 4). But too much greenhouse gasses will increase the earth’s temperature; if these happen negative repercussions will affect not just the ecosystem but every living organism on earth (Union of Concerned Scientists).

The main cause of global warming is carbon dioxide production. Largely of which is attributed to power plant emitting carbon that is a byproduct of burning coal to produce energy; about 95 percent manmade carbon dioxide is from the use of fossil fuel. Compared to burning natural gas, coal emits 80 percent more carbon. Another major source of carbon dioxide emission is burning gasoline from vehicles that attributes to the twenty percent of carbon that goes up in the atmosphere (Low Impact Living; Time for Change).

Another major cause of global warming is deforestation. Deforestation is denuding of the Earth’s forest in a massive scale. Twenty five percent of the carbon emission is attributed to deforestation. Since plants uses carbon for photosynthesis to produce oxygen, less fauna would mean more concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Moreover, the process of deforestation itself

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